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Join Micronet!

Download the Micronet infopack! (The infopack is created every Friday morning at 0400 Eastern time with the week's latest nodelist.)

You can also download the infopack via anonymous FTP at in /pub/networks/micronet/min_info.

If you need help with Micronet, you can check our IRC channel, #micronet, on Look for me (digimaus) or Andrew (bitbyter). You're welcome to hang out and chat also!

If you'd like to join Micronet, please fill out the node application in the infopack and return it to Sean Dennis. He will then process your application and get it to the correct hub that will be feeding your system. You will work with the hub from there to get your system working in Micronet.

Please make sure, before sending in your application, that you read all the information in the infopack.

If you wish to run as a point, please fill out the node application but indicate that you wish to run as a point.

We offer BinkP, ifcico, POTS (dialup), and FTP feeds for FTN-style networking. QWK and NNTP feeds are available. Please note that not all hubs support all of the above methods. BinkP feeds are the most common in the network and are 24/7 connections. If you are a point, we recommend that you use FTP so you may get your mail when it is most convenient for you.

Micronet also has its own IBBS league, League 618. Read more about Micronet League 618.

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